Filled Out Form with Form ID?

Did you know that this filter works?

1252 is of course the Form ID, which you can see in various places in Marketo. One of which is the URL:

Interesting, right? But there’s more to it. If you refresh your browser or just revisit your filter later, you’ll see that Marketo has replaced the ID with the form name.

But it gets even more interesting: Filled Out Form with the operator “is” does not work across Workspaces. Marketo won’t find the form by name, so you can’t reference it. (You can use “contains” though). But Form ID does work across Workspaces! And it continues to work even after Marketo has updated the ID to be Form Name. So it works after being updated in the background, but it does not work if you try to enter the name manually. Marketo will then show you the dreaded red squiggly lines:

What other places might there be where IDs work alongside names? IIRC “Add to Salesforce Campaign” works with the Salesforce ID, but I don’t have an environment here to test that again. Program ID? Smart Campaign ID?