Engagement Program: Transition Rules

Definition: An Engagement Program Transition is the entry into the EP, the exit from the EP and the movement from one stream into another.

Opinion: Marketo has a tab “Transition Rules” in its Streams view, but we don’t like it.

Personalized attendee link in calendar

If you are using a native webinar integration with Marketo – and I’m using GoToWebinar as my example here, but Zoom e.g. works the same way – it returns a value for the system token {{member.webinar url}}. Does this token work in a calendar token?

Nesting Programs

You can put programs in programs, right? Like Email Programs in Default Programs. What else can you put inside other things?

Workspaces & Partitions – yay or nay?

“Should I have Workspaces & Partitions in my Marketo instance?”, is a pretty common question. And the answer is not obvious as there are advantages and disadvantages you should know. Let’s take a look.